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New Jersey Legislative Histories

A legislative history is a compilation of the documents which express the purpose or intent behind the passage of a particular law. The State Library compiles histories on all New Jersey laws which are general and permanent. Appropriations, temporary and executed, and repealer acts are excluded. Contact the Law Library at or 609-278-2640 ext. 102 to ask questions about the legislative histories on our site, or to inquire about legislative histories that are not yet available online.

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Ch. Compiled History Bill Synopsis (click for digital checklist)
1 S725 (Substituted for A3478) Concerns lost or stolen EZ pass transponders
2 S1431 (Substituted for A2781) Requires all wireless telephones and electronic communication devices issued by public entities to be activated to receive Amber Alerts
3 S1446 (Substituted for A2915) Authorizes display of flashing amber warning lights on sanitation vehicles
4 S2315 (Substituted for A2934) Establishes State Public Safety Interoperable Communications Coordinating Council
5 A407 (Substituted for S732) Prohibits use of wireless telephones or electronic communication devices by operators of public transit vehicles in certain situations
6 A1570 (Substituted for S2319) Requires New Jersey institutions of higher education to disseminate fire safety information about their facilities to students, parents or guardians, and employees
7 A2844 (Substituted for S2022) Requires DCA to post on its website the current adopted budget of any county or municipality that does not maintain its own website
8 S1955 (Substituted for A2973) Eliminates dock fees and establishes penalty for boat permit violations on Greenwood Lake
9 S2381 (Substituted for A3442) Establishes a long-term capacity agreement pilot program to promote construction of qualified electric generation facilities
10 A2854 (Substituted for S2515) Establishes “Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week”
11 S191 (Substituted for A793) Concerns priority of claims against certain insured tortfeasors as between insurer paying PIP benefits and injured party
13 S736 (Substituted for A576) Establishes new motorcycle safety provisions
14 S2229 (Substituted for A3200) Permits racetrack permit holders to provide for single parimutuel pool for each running or harness horse race
15 A2926 (Substituted for S829) Authorizes exchange wagering on results of in-State and out-of-State horse races through exchange wagering system
16 A3405 (Substituted for S2284) Requires assisted living residence or comprehensive personal care home that surrenders its license and promised not to discharge Medicaid residents to escrow funds to pay for care in alternate facility
17 S2192 (Substituted for A1958) Authorizes special Gold Star family motor vehicle license plates for certain family members of military personnel who died while on active duty
18 S11 (Substituted for A3581) Directs establishment of Atlantic City Tourism District; broadens powers and duties of CRDA; transfers Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority and its functions to CRDA
19 S12 (Substituted for A3517) Revises various aspects of casino industry regulation
20 S212 (Substituted for A868) Allows construction of wind dependent energy facilities on piers within 500 feet of mean high water line of tidal waters
22 S1795 (Substituted for A2736) Requires Board of Medical Examiners to take certain actions to investigate licensees
23 A823 (Substituted for S1122) Requires DEP to establish free recreational saltwater fishing registry
24 A1458 (Substituted for S2286) The “Banking Development District Act”
25 A2360 (Substituted for S387) Regulates captive insurers
26 A1705 (Substituted for S1980) Revises various off-track wagering provisions of the "Off-Track and Account Wagering Act"
27 S914 (Substituted for A2809) Allows professional corporation to use or register an alternate name
28 A1559 (Substituted for S2132) Eliminates use of rebate procedure for claims of sales and use tax exemption made in connection with certain sales to certain UEZ qualified businesses
29 S1923 (Substituted for A2990) Permits sale of motorcycles on Sunday
30 S2170 (Substituted for A3595) Concerns creation of benefit corporations
31 S2493 (Substituted for A3254) Maintains right of corporate directors to indemnification under certain circumstances
32 S2498 (Substituted for A3494) Allows for unemployment insurance beneficiaries to file, reopen, cancel or close claims online
33 A2720 (Substituted for S2014) Establishes new procedure in "Administrative Procedure Act" to allow substantial changes to agency rule-making upon adoption
34 A2853 (Substituted for S6) Streamlines process for State and local agency business permits related to economic development projects
35 A2859 (Substituted for S1964) Authorizes sale and lease of unneeded public property to certain non-profits for gardening and urban farming and exempts such urban farms from property taxation
36 A3253 (Substituted for S2492) Provides corporation with right to renounce corporate opportunity doctrine
37 S923 (Substituted for A2545) Changes date for mail-in ballots transmission from 40th to 45th day before an election, with certain exceptions; permits referendum on school levy cap and municipal levy cap to occur on same day
38 S2068 (Substituted for A2679) Provides dedicated line item on property tax bill to fund municipal free public libraries and joint free public libraries
39 A2670 (Substituted for S2010) The “reinsurance and Surplus Lines Stimulus and enhancement Act.”
40 A3359 (Substituted for S2388) Prohibits practice of excluding unemployed individuals in advertisements for job vacancies
41 S130 (Substituted for A3320) Makes certain requirements concerning downhill skiing
42 S817 (Substituted for A2890) “Permits certain patient data to be reported to DHSS under "Health Care Facility-Associated Infection Reporting and Prevention Act"
43 S2064 (Substituted for A3611) Allows certain plumbers and Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration contractors to perform propane services
44 A2416 (Substituted for S1782) Modifies procedures available under the Drug Offender Restraining Order Act
45 A2721 (Substituted for S2013) Changes five year chapter expiration date for rules to seven years
46 A3094 (Substituted for S2180) Permits DOT to contract with county or municipality for certain work on highways to prevent public hazards
47 A2592 (Substituted for S1829) “Sara’s Law;” requires Motor Vehicle Commission to establish next-of-kin program
48 S831 (Substituted for A2513) Permits wager to be placed at racetracks or casino simulcasting facilities in advance for races not simulcast at facility under certain circumstances if race is simulcast at other facilities in the State
49 S2130 (Substituted for A3058) Revises sales and use tax to maintain compliance with certain terms and conditions of Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement
50 S2390 (Substituted for A3511) Decreases annual standardbred race dates to 75 minimum upon consent from Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey; increases to 5% maximum amount of certain purse moneys that may be distributed to aid horsemen
51 S2680 (Substituted for A3795) Changes the trigger for extended unemployment benefits
52 S1392 (Substituted for A2452) Requires State-administered pension systems to train employers on enrollment requirements; requires employers to certify validity of employee enrollment with acknowledgement of penalty for providing false information
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