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New Jersey Legislative Histories

A legislative history is a compilation of the documents which express the purpose or intent behind the passage of a particular law. The State Library compiles histories on all New Jersey laws which are general and permanent. Appropriations, temporary and executed, and repealer acts are excluded. Contact the Law Library at or 609-278-2640 ext. 102 to ask questions about the legislative histories on our site, or to inquire about legislative histories that are not yet available online.

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Ch. Compiled History Bill Synopsis (click for digital checklist)
95 S89 (Substituted for A3203) Requires licensed health care professionals and facilities to bill Medicare beneficiaries within 90 days of date insurance payment is finalized
96 S95 (Substituted for A2455) Requires the New Jersey Schools Development Authority to biannually compile information on school facilities project contracts awarded to minority and female contractors
97 S435 (Substituted for A3217) Limits amount of time vacant teaching position can be filled by substitute teacher
98 S1362 (Substituted for A3390) Provides for minor and her child to remain together as family unit in DYFS placement
99 S1998/2067 (Substituted for A3358) Authorizes formation of State college risk management groups and joint liability funds
100 S2071 (Substituted for A3218) Limits amount of time a vacant teaching position can be filled by certain teachers employed in a temporary capacity
101 A1052 (Substituted for S1413) Requires entities to purchase biofuels in place of fossil fuels when reasonable, prudent and cost effective
102 A2861 (Substituted for S2047) Prohibits certain private transfer fees and imposes disclosure requirements
103 A207 (Substituted for S1800) Permits hiring of certain laid off law enforcement officers without utilizing Civil Service lists
104 A3604 (Substituted for S2406) Authorizes transfer of certain assets of State's public broadcasting system to an entity eligible to operate a public broadcasting system
105 A3393 (Substituted for S5) Revises procedure for police and fire contract disputes; imposes a “cap” on certain arbitration awards
106 S2208 (Substituted for A3204) Allows certain organizations to file complaints with Council on Local Mandates in certain circumstances
107 S104 (Substituted for A1758) Requires State entities to examine opportunity of minority and women-owned financial institutions to serve as senior managing underwriters
108 S514 (Substituted for A1592) Permits bid for public works contract to be withdrawn due to mistake in certain circumstances
109 S911 (Substituted for A2309) Upgrades penalties for assaulting certain health care professionals and workers at health care facilitates and human services and veterans facilities
110 S1537 (Substituted for A3264) Clarifies that gang related incident offense report is to be forwarded to Superintendent of State Police for inclusion in Uniform Crime Report
111 A2305 (Substituted for S1179) Expands “Jersey Fresh” program to include “Made with Jersey Fresh” designation of certain baked goods and other food products
112 A2290 (Substituted for S2554) Establishes standards for certain fertilizer applications, requires certification of professional fertilizer applicators, and regulates labeling and sale of certain fertilizers
113 A2501 (Substituted for S1410) Requires State Soil Conservation Committee to adopt standards concerning soil restoration measures
115 S1866 (Substituted for A2612) Establishes alternative methods of casino licensure
116 S1557 (Substituted for A3294) Revises statutes concerning public adjusters
118 S1557 (Substituted for A3294) Revises statutes concerning public adjusters
119 A410 (Substituted for S1846) Revises the “Construction Lien Law”
120 A483 (Substituted for S175) Establishes the “Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact”
121 A1637 (Substituted for S2309) Permits advertising on exterior of school buses
122 A3466 (Substituted for S2392) The “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act”
123 S2370 (Substituted for A3389) Revises financial assistance under Business Retention and Relocation Assistance Grant Program; repeals requirement to study implementation
1 A2326 Clarifies that mandatory boat safety course must be taken by June 1, 2009
2 A3389 Concerns hospital asset transformation program
3 A3435 Increases permitted axle weights for certain omnibuses with the approval of the Commissioner of Transportation
4 A1185 Authorizes public entities to implement energy savings improvement programs
5 S180 Imposes conditions on drivers approaching stopped emergency vehicles, tow trucks or highway maintenance vehicles displaying flashing lights
6 S1604 Clarifies that certain sports and entertainment projects are an essential public and governmental use and purpose and exempt from property taxation
7 S1605 Permits board of trustees of school district pension fund in counties of the first class to invest 10% of funds in capital stocks or other securities issued by companies of foreign countries
8 S1781 Requires scrap metal dealers to maintain certain records regarding purchases
9 A2881 Allows director of corporation to provide notice of resignation, which resignation is only effective upon occurrence of certain event
10 A2883 Provides that corporate by-laws may allow corporation to eliminate plurality voting for corporate directors
11 A3146 Authorizes creation of non-lapsing Attorney ID Card Program trust fund by counties
12 A3457 Eliminates cancellation of charges against employer UI accounts for benefits exceeding 50% of total base year, base week wages
13 S1304 Upgrades unlawful possession of a machine gun or assault firearm to a crime of the second degree
14 A2613 Provides veterans' organizations right to receive unclaimed veterans' remains after one year
16 A3481 Provides certain law enforcement officers and firefighters regain pay status when appeals of termination are not resolved within 180 days
17 A3648 Delays requirement that voting machines produce individual permanent paper record for each vote cast due to the State's critical economic situation and lack of appropriate technology
18 S1851 Requires criminal history background checks for paid firefighters employed by fire districts
19 S21 Adjusts required local employer contributions to PERS and PFRS for State fiscal year 2009
21 A3819 Requires the Director of the Division of Taxation to establish a 45-day State tax amnesty period that ends no later than June 15, 2009
23 A770 Extends payment of accidental death benefit in PFRS, SPRS, PERS and TPAF to survivors of certain members of reserve component of Armed Forces and National Guard
24 S787 Requires single operating-room facilities to register with DHSS, permits practitioners to refer patients to ambulatory surgery facilities in which practitioners have financial interest under certain circumstances
25 S1675 Allows UEZ municipalities to include certain homeland security expenses as eligible for funding from enterprise zone assistance fund
26 S1987 Permits casino employees to serve on Atlantic City governing body in certain circumstances
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